Saturday, September 13, 2014

Getting the most out of FamilySearch–Family Tree (part 5)

All screenshots taken from the FamilySearch website

There are a few more things I want to point out.



1 – The discussion area is where you can post things you want other researchers to see such as your theories.

2 – Notes is for whatever you need it for.  For example, sometimes you need to write something about one of the vital events you added.  In a genealogy program you have space for that but on he website you need to use the Notes section.

3 – The Records Hints is similar to’s “Shaky Leaves.” 

4 – FamilySearch will automatically populate the search fields with the data that has been entered on this person.

5 – For those people that use the website exclusively here is how you can print out reports and charts.

6 – Every addition, deletion and merge is recorded here.  You can see who did what and when they did it.

7 – This is where you can add a birth to death biography on a person.


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  1. "4 - FamilySearch will automatically populate the search fields with the data that has been entered on this person."

    The FS search program from this link will populate only name fields and a birth year with 4-year range: what was entered in the FamilyTree person overview page, such as what you show, +/- 2 years.

    Unfortunately the search engine does not use the other person-page data at all for date-bracketing, so for a person born about 1720 and died 1793 there will often be Census items for 1800 and later in the top 20, as well as possibly items for subsequent wars. This lack of automatic date-bracketing pertains to searches performed from the main Historical Records page as well unless the user enters very specific date-ranges. For instance a search for John Doe born in 1870 could bring up Civil War service record entries unless the user specifies a record type or place and particular date-range.

    1. You are correct. However, I have heard through the FS grapevine that this will be improving. Right now it is set up for a fuzzy search instead of a specific one.

    2. Improvements to the search engine will be widely welcomed ;)