Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

If you do any African-American research you might want to take a look at this website.  The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database is a database of the known slave ships along with all of the known stats for each voyage they made.  If the ship happened to have been captured, you might see the actual names of the slaves on board along with their gender and age.  Some of the stats you will find are the name of the ship, year the ship was built, name of the captain, country, of origin, number of gun mounts, departure port and arrival ports, numbers on board, number of deaths in the crew, numbers of death of the slaves and more.  Even if you don’t do any African-American research directly this database is a fascinating look into the slave trade.  The numbers are both staggering and sobering.


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  1. Very interesting and, yes, sobering. Of course, I had to browse around because I love losing time in records that have nothing to do with my research. LOL. Am I alone? It is amazing to see what records actually survived and how we can use them in our research. Even if no names are recorded, there is something to be gained. I often wonder how I would feel about slavery if living in those times. I have yet to find any roots in the south, but I was contacted, years ago, by 2 slave descendants with the same surname as mine. I wish I still had their contact info. I have so much more info now that there could possibly be a connection and the DNA testing done on myself and some family members may have helped.