Monday, April 20, 2015

The blog is back!

I took an entire month off.  I wasn’t planning on taking that much time but it just sort of worked out that way. So what have I been doing?  Well, I work for Legacy full time so that does keep me pretty busy.  I am also in the middle of mentoring GenProof Study Group 40 which is going very well.  I finished Warren Bittner’s Reading German I course and I am in the middle of Reading German II though the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research and I am also taking German: Emigration Records though the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  I am trying to fill in some holes in my German education. 

I am still trying to finish going though my documents and getting everything scanned.  New documents keep coming in and sometimes I feel like I will never get it all done.  I have two more plastic containers to get through.  I took everything out of my binders  and put them in plastic boxes.  After I scan a document, double check what I have entered in my genealogy file, and link the document in Legacy, I put the document back in the correct binder.  I am at about 80% complete which is pretty good.  So far I have been at it for close to a year and a half.  I have been collecting documents for over 20 years so I have a lot.

I am looking forward to finally having a real office.  My daughter Kelly got married a few weeks ago and she will be moving out on May 9th to join her husband in Alabama.  I will be taking over her bedroom.  People post pictures of their offices in the Organized Genealogist Facebook group and I have been getting from inspiration from them.  In 20+ years I have never had an office.  That’s what happens when you have five children.

I took on a client case.  I haven’t done any client research in a while because I just stay so busy with everything else but this one was very intriguing and I couldn’t help myself.  This is a pretty straightforward case so I am hoping to wrap it up in a timely manner.  I am trying to prove or disprove some family lore which is one of my favorite things to do.

Other than that, not much.


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    1. Thanks, Cathy. I am thinking I will only be posting 3 times a week for awhile but that is better than none times a week :)

  2. Welcome back! Your posts are always so informative and I've missed them.

  3. Glad you're back! I've missed this blog but certainly understand how busy you are. It's as a result of one of your posts that I am in the GPS study group 39. I'm learning a lot!

    1. Great! I know you will get a lot out of it :)

  4. That sounds like a busy and productive month off! Welcome back!