Friday, July 10, 2015

Legacy: Even more searches

In the blog post Legacy: Searches and more searches I told you about the six different tabs on the main search page.   There are three other types of searches Legacy can do.

Search> Search/Replace
This one is used to fix errors in your file or to change the wording of something.  Because you will be making global changes it is very important that you back up your file before you get started just in case things don’t go the way you planned.

Let’s say I have been using the abbreviation Ev. for Evangelisch and I now want the word spelled out.



And here is what it looks like once you click the Start button:


The Replace All button is a great timesaver but don’t click it unless you are 100% sure something you don’t want changed won’t be.  You can use the Replace button which will let you approve each replacement one at a time.


Search > Search Internet
The other type of search in Legacy is an external one.  This is how you can search websites from within Legacy using the information you have already gathered.  Notice how the information defaults in.


Also notice the dropdown arrow next to  There are 30 websites to choose from and you can add your own using the Customize Searches button.  Make sure you click on the Help button on this screen because you will need to learn how to create the search strings to make it work correctly.

There is one more search, Search > FamilySearch.  This will bring up the screen that directly interfaces with FamilySearch’s Family Tree.  Explaining how this works is more than a single blog post can handle so here is some additional information for you.


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