Friday, July 28, 2017

DNA tip

Ancestry, FTDNA, and MyHeritage have note fields for each of your DNA matches. This is a great way to record when you attempted contact, whether or not they answered you, their GEDmatch number if they have uploaded, MRCA if you have figured it out, etc.

If you want to make contact using Ancestry it will be via an internal message.  The messages are held in a central location and not attached to the individual match so the notes field will help you keep things straight.



FTDNA does not have an internal messaging system and contact is done via email. Again, the notes field helps you keep track of attempts to contact.




MyHeritage has an internal messaging system but the messages are in a central location (like Ancestry) and not tied to the individual matches (like 23andMe). Luckily they too have a notes field.


23andMe does not have a notes field but does has a message box that holds all of the back and forth conversations that is attached to each individual match which is very useful.  You don’t need a notes field.


GEDmatch does not have a notes field.  It would be VERY useful here to know who you have contacted and who you still need to contact.  Contact with matches is done via email. I will be suggesting this to them.


  1. I use all of those note fields too, Michele. I wish Ancestry would expand the field past the 500 character limit, which is reached pretty quickly. And, as to GedMatch, I wish every single day that there was a note field. As a result, and so I don't have to switch from website to website, I also keep all my correspondence in Evernote. That is working very well for me. I hope to publish a blog post about it in the next few days.

  2. I asked Gedmatch if they would consider creating a note field. Maybe if more people request it they will create one.